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Nepal is possibly one of the few countries filled with unreal natural scenes and incredible places. It has a unique land topography, which comes up with a new adventure to amaze travelers every now and then.

One of the many epic adventures that set your pulse racing while you immerse in nature is ziplining. It’s amongst the most popular adventure sports in Nepal for all the right reasons. Although it may seem like any other fun activity, ziplining is the best way to explore Nepal’s stunning landscapes and terrains.

It provides an unprecedented adrenaline rush as you swing your way past the lofty hills and dense forests. There are many places in Nepal where you can visit to experience the thrill and pleasure of ziplining. But, as you can expect, none of them are likewise in any way. Here are some of Nepal’s very best ziplining destinations

Pokhara Zipline

Pokhara is the best-known ziplining destination in the whole of Nepal. The city is pretty famous for this extreme adventure and magnificent view. The idyllic hill of Sarangkot serves as a starting point for the zipline.

With a vertical drop of 600 meters, the zip line makes the longest and steepest here. It’s also one of the most thrilling, with the station placed at 1600 meters. This zip line boasts a length of 1850 meters along with an initial incline of 56 degrees.

It offers thrillseekers a chance to sway down the zip and enjoy a breathtaking view of sweeping hills and tropical forests. You can gaze at the silver-shining mountain ranges like Annapurna II, Machhaouchhre, and Dhaulagiri.

That’s not all; you can even link the adventure with other activities like hiking, as there are many side treks. You can do some fishing or enjoy rafting on the Trishuli River while driving to Pokhara.

There’s no need to fear getting late as the drive distance between these two cities is only 200.6 km, which makes it easy to reach the destination. However, if you want to try something other than the one in Pokhara or head out to dramatic places, we can arrange it for you.

Dhulikhel Zipline

On the eastern rim of Kathmandu over the beautiful hill in Thakle is another impressive ziplining destination. This one is more astonishing and handy than the other zip lining due to its close proximity to Kathmandu Valley.

The zipline is not the longest Nepal has, with just about a length of 1100 meters. Nevertheless, it’s pretty fast, offering a 326 feet vertical drop and a speed ranging from 60 to 110 km/h. It descends the hill from 5,085 ft. at a peak velocity but still manages to provide a spectacular view of the surrounding mountains and wooded hills.

The zipline in Dhulikhel happens to offer the most amazing backdrop of surrounding landscapes with deep valleys and rocky cliffs. You may even get a glimpse of nearby villages and captivating wilderness from the hilltop.

When is the best time for Zipline in Nepal?

Anytime but monsoon and winter are great for ziplining in Nepal. The weather is great from September to November and March to May, with warm sunny days that offer mesmerizing views. Fall has mild weather and warm temperature, making it comfortable to climb the hill and relish the magnificent view.

Due to the cloudless sky, you can easily catch beautiful shots of Gaurishanker and Mt. Lhotse. The changing colors of tree leaves in the wilderness provide breathtaking scenery. Like Autumn, Spring treats its visitors with impressive views and lovely weather.

The sceneries offered by the season in Pokhara are incredible and tough to beat. Provided the clear sky and sunny weather, you can easily get glimpses of Annapurna massif, Manaslu, and Dhaulagiri.

This won’t be possible in winter due to high winds and cold. The foggy weather won’t let visitors see the surrounding landscapes and mountains. Continuous rain doesn’t make the ziplining any better in monsoon, either.

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Zipline in Nepal