Upper Mustang Helicopter Tour

A hidden jewel of Nepal, Upper Mustang is one of the finest and most incredible places in the north. It’s quintessentially gorgeous with colorful villages, Rocky Mountains, and sweeping hills. The vibrant art scene, antique glories, and historic monuments of Mustang are indeed fascinating.

But, what’ll captivate you the most is its natural setting with beautiful scenery of snow-capped mountains, sheer cliffs, and mud-brick walls. Its semi-arid landscapes with steep-walled gorges and rock cliffs are far too tempting to turn down.

But, to reach the village and watch its enchanting landmarks is not as easy as it appears. Travelers will have to walk days and weeks over rugged trails with several ups and downs. So, to save you the stressful walk and make travel easy, we bring you an Upper Mustang Helicopter Tour.

Upper Mustang Helicopter tour is the fastest and nicest way to explore the once restricted kingdom. Travelers can rigorously watch the majestic view and famous landmarks during the flight. Not to mention the safety and comfort that travelers will experience during their heli tour of the town.

The option of an Upper Mustang Helicopter Tour is ideal for those who can’t travel en route or don’t have sufficient time for the trip. It will ease their journey to the town and also reward them with a rare insight into this rural settlement.

Why take Upper Mustang Helicopter Tour?

When you’re traveling to places like Upper Mustang, there’s no way you can explore all of it. Due to its inaccessibility, travelers have to agree to visit only a few chosen places or take a helicopter.

This will make travel more convenient, relaxing, and comfortable. With the Upper Mustang Helicopter Tour, you don’t have to fear walking the long winding trails with sharp rocks. Just hop into the helicopter and spend the rest of the time enjoying the unbelievable view.

You’ll be flying over the town, watching the vibrant town of Lo Manthang and its Buddhist pilgrimages. The glimpses of rolling hills, ancient caves, and rock cliffs also stack to the visual overload.

In all modesty, you’ll be traveling in quite a style during the Upper Mustang Helicopter Tour. The trip is more inclined to provide more luxury and comfort along with adventure. Also, traveling in a helicopter is safer than hiking, especially in case of Upper Mustang, since you don’t have to deal with its unpaved mountainous terrains.


Phase 01: Kathmandu to Pokhara Helicopter ride Phase 02: Pokhara to Jomsom Phase 03: Jomsom to Mustang Phase 04: Explore around Lo Manthang Phase 05: Fly back to Kathmandu An exciting and comprehensive heli tour of Upper Mustang gets going once we drop you at the airport. Soon after, it’ll fly you to Pokhara, which may take about half an hour. During the travel, you’ll get to discover this lovely city and its serene lakes, including Phewa. The flight to Pokhara will also offer you a crystal clear view of the Annapurna ranges and Machhapuchhare. After a while, the helicopter will fly us again to Jomsom, but the ride will be short this time. The journey gets rather interesting from here, especially with the ravines and Tibetan-influenced villages evident from the sky. An aerial tour of Jomsom will quickly expose you to the flat terrains and rugged hills of the Upper Mustang. You can see all the Tibetan plateaus, sky caves, and walled cities even before landing at Lo Manthang. After arriving at the place of interest, you can do a bit of sightseeing and get a few beautiful shots of the Mustang. Of course, you must take pictures of its Tibetan villages and Buddhist pilgrimages. Before leaving Lo Monthang, enjoy the stunning mountain view of Tilicho, Nilgiri, and Annapurna I. After you have wandered Lo Mananthang, we’ll conveniently fly you back to Jomsom and then Pokhara. Whilst seated in comfort; you can relish the spectacular view of Kali Gandaki River and the best bit of Jomsom. The flight will last almost an hour before you finally arrive at Pokhara. Flying back to the city lake will yet again delight you with the mesmeric scenery of vivid valleys and lush green forests. From Pokhara, you’ll take another 30 minutes of a helicopter ride to get back to Kathmandu.

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Upper Mustang Helicopter Tour