Honeymoon Tour in Nepal

A honeymoon tour in the beautiful hills of Nepal is a perfect romantic getaway. Nepal is a spectacular destination for couples who want a relaxing and comfortable trip. The Himalayan nation has diverse natural landscapes that provide an incredible touring experience.

While trekking is the most popular activity, Nepal has many relaxing destinations. The numerous sightseeing spots around the country serve as a perfect backdrop for your romantic excursions. You can visit small hill stations, pristine lakes, and cultural landmarks during this journey.

The cultural landscapes of the Kathmandu valley offer you unique exploration opportunities. A heritage expert will accompany you on the tour of the city. Kathmandu city is widely known for its numerous temples, palaces, museums, and medieval courtyards and alleyways.

Pokhara is a touristic city ideal for excursions around its many sightseeing points. The viewpoints on top of small hill stations offer you the extraordinary Himalayan sunrise and sunsets during the tour. The pleasant hotels where you will stay offer you privacy and comfort during your trip.

The warm welcome and the incredible hospitality you will experience in these places makes this trip special. Nepal is, therefore, an ideal destination for newlyweds to spend some time together after the start of their marital life.

Read further to know about the honeymoon tour in Nepal package in detail. Contact us for bookings and additional related information about this trip. Happy traveling!

Highlights of the Trip

  • Experiencing Himalayan sunrise and sunsets from Sarangkot
  • Sightseeing of the ancient medieval city of Kathmandu.
  • Cultural exploration of the Newar community settlements
  • Staying at cozy hotels and tasting the delicious local cuisine
  • Exploring the beautiful lake city of Pokhara
  • Tasting the local delicacies of Nepalese people
  • Incredible hospitality and warm welcome of the local community


The honeymoon tour in Nepal starts with a sightseeing tour of Kathmandu on day 1. We will get you from the designated location and then take you on your journey to the medieval city’s beautiful cultural and religious landmarks. There are various ancient temples, palaces, and monasteries in the city, to explore with the heritage expert or a guide. First, we will start the tour with a scenic tour of the Swayambhunath temple. The temple located at a hill in the center of Kathmandu offers you a great Buddhist Heritage exploration opportunity. The beautiful stupa situated on the hilltop requires climbing up a mountain. After you arrive at the top, you can get spectacular views of the entire Kathmandu Valley. If you hike in the morning, you can also get the best sunrise views. The stupa area is also home to hundreds of monkeys and is widely known as a monkey temple. You will then proceed towards the Hindu religious site of Pashupatinath Temple. The serene Temple premises includes hundreds of small temples with a large temple of Lord Shiva in the center. Every year thousands of Hindu pilgrims make their way towards this temple as a part of their pilgrimage tour. This spiritual experience also gives you a complete insight into the history and culture of the area. Another essential landmark of the area is the Boudhanath stupa, a Buddhist heritage. The entire area is also known as little Tibet, as you can find many Tibetan heritages and refugees living around the area. The main stupa is one of the largest in the world. And there are many galleries, hotels, and restaurants around the area. You can also taste the delicious Tibetan reason delicacies. We will then move towards the Kathmandu Durbar Square, located in the Basantpur area in Kathmandu. The highlights of this place are the ancient temples, narrow alleyways, and the beautiful courtyards of the Malla era. You can explore the old “Newar” settlements, which are the ethnic community of Kathmandu Valley. The unique art, architecture, temples, and exotic settlements are highlights of this trek. Besides that, you will also get to visit the abode of Kumari, also known as the living goddess. We will also explore the tourist areas of the Thamel near Basantapur. There you can find beautiful souvenir shops, hotels, cafes, and restaurants where you can rest and relax after a long day.
You will travel to the lake city of Pokhara either by private car or by flight. The private car journey to Pokhara takes you around 6 to 7 hours on Prithvi highway. Similarly, the flight to Pokhara is around 35 to 40 minutes from Kathmandu. After arriving at this stunning city, you can go on a complete exploration. There are many sightseeing points in the beautiful lake city. Since Pokhara is a tourist destination, you will find numerous hotels, restaurants, and cafes around. These cafes are generally located around the Lakeside area. You can have fun and spend quality time with your loved ones. It is the perfect romantic destination in Pokhara.
We will hike or travel to Sarangkot, a small hill station just outside of Pokhara, in the early morning. Sarangkot provides you with the most extraordinary Himalayan sunrise views in Nepal. This beautiful view of the sun rising over the Annapurna range of mountains is a thing of beauty. Then you will return to the central city of Pokhara and go on further exploration of its various sightseeing points. The sightseeing locations in Pokhara include the World Peace Pagoda, Phewa lake, Mahendra gufa, Devi’s Falls, Chamero Gufa, and others. There are many sightseeing points in Pokhara that provide you with a complete cultural exploration.
You will further explore the city of Pokhara on this day of your honeymoon tour in Nepal. You will first go on a magical boating adventure in Phewa lake. You will then visit the temple located in the middle of the lake. Then you can go on a short hike to the World Peace Pagoda located at the hilltop just outside Pokhara. After arriving at the monument, you can get 360-degree views of the entire city and take many pictures. You will return to the city and rest for today around Lakeside.
Finally, you will journey from Pokhara to Kathmandu on either flight or a private car. Your honeymoon tour in Nepal ends in Kathmandu, and then you can proceed towards your desired destination.

Best Time for the Tour

The best time for any travel activities in the Himalayan nation is the two seasons of either Spring or Autumn. These seasons are generally safe to travel as there are stable weather conditions. There is no heavy rainfall or snowfall, or any other weather-related challenges. Hence, this factor makes them the peak season for the tour.

Spring season

The spring season is ideal for travel in Nepal as the beautiful landscape remains dry and safe. There are no heavy rainfalls like in the summer season and no challenges like landslides, slippery trails, avalanches. Travelers can trek and get assured of a comfortable traveling experience this season. The spring season generally lasts from March to May in the foothills of the Himalayas in Nepal.

There is vegetation all around, and wildlife remains active in Spring. Moreover, you can also find beautiful snow-clad mountains on clear blue skies in Spring. Moderate temperatures range from approximately 20-25 degrees Celsius in the daytime. You will not experience extreme heat or cold in the season. Hence, it is the best time to take this honeymoon tour in Nepal.

Autumn season

The autumn season is also ideal for touring the country’s beautiful landscapes. Since autumn is the post-monsoon season, the dark clouds stay away, and you will get dry and beautiful trails. Autumn also provides travelers with a unique chance to explore the region’s cultural aspects.

Since numerous festivals fall this season, including the Dashain, Tihar, and others. You can interact with the locals and experience the local cultural traditions. The temperature remains perfect for traveling in the daytime, and the nighttime temperatures remain chill. Travelers will get the best views of the Himalayan mountains this season due to clear weather during the day.


The off-season for trekking in Nepal includes the winter and the summer season. The summer coincides with the monsoon season, and hence there is heavy rainfall in most parts of the country. Therefore, there are many landslides along the hills and floods in the lower region. The sky remains overcast in most parts of the season, covering the Himalayas.

Hence, you will not have a good exploration opportunity in the seasons. The winter season brings heavy snowfall in the region with freezing temperatures. This can be pretty challenging, especially at high altitudes. Hence, you should avoid this offseason as much as possible for these reasons. Therefore, for the best experience on the honeymoon tour in Nepal, you should choose Autumn and Spring.

Why take this honeymoon tour in Nepal?

Spectacular cultural exploration

The opportunity for a cultural exploration of the region is the highlight of this tour. There are many ancient settlements in Kathmandu Valley and many durbar squares boasting medieval architecture. Travelers can go on a complete tour of these regions and experience the unique heritage and tradition of the place. You will also get to taste the area’s local delicacies.

Comfortable and cozy trip

Since you will be traveling with your loved one, you will want a relaxing and comfortable trip. On this honeymoon tour in Nepal, you will stay in comfortable rooms in hotels with all the facilities needed. The tour itinerary is specially designed so that you will get to spend maximum time with each other at the most scenic of places. The trip is not challenging as you will only travel for some duration each day. Most of the time, you will relax in various locations around the city.

Various sightseeing opportunities

The honeymoon tour in Nepal package is a short duration tour. It offers you immense sightseeing opportunities in and around the cities of Kathmandu and Pokhara. You will visit diverse landscapes, including hilltops, lakesides, and medieval cultural settlements. The tour also provides you with opportunities to observe the Himalayan snow-clad mountains and sunrises on clear blue skies.

Incredible hospitality of the local people

The warm hospitality is a prime factor in this tour. Travelers will also get to taste the delicious local cuisine. You will stay in hotels and eat in numerous restaurants during the tour. Locals treat guests as their gods, and hence, you will love your stay in the region.

Major Attractions of the Tour

Pashupatinath temple

Pashupatinath is the religious pilgrimage site for all the Hindus around the globe. The important holy site is generally considered as the abode of Lord Shiva. Their thousands of pilgrims flock to the temples in festivals like Shiva Ratri. You can find many Sadhus and Saints in the temple premises. Besides that, there are small temples in the region as well. The holy Bagmati River flows on the east side of the temple. Overall, this important religious site is a great cultural exploration point.


Boudhanath stupa is a large white stupa and the largest in Asia. Various cafes, restaurants, and Thangka galleries are present around the stupa premises. The whole area is also known as “Little Tibet,” as many Tibetan refugees live there. You can taste the delicious cuisine around the area. Besides that, you can also visit the beautiful monastery around the area.

Swayambhunath (Monkey Temple)

The Swayambhunath temple on the hilltop is another ideal sightseeing destination in Kathmandu. There are hundreds of monkeys around the premises, so the temple is also known as the “Monkey Temple.” There is also a great viewpoint from where you can observe the entire Kathmandu valley.

Kathmandu Durbar Square

Kathmandu durbar square is another ideal destination for exploration on this tour. The beautiful Durbar square provides you with the opportunity to explore the tremendous medieval heritages of the city. There are temples, bahals, palaces, alleys, courtyards, and other landmarks of the Malla period.

The durbar square also includes the Kumari Ghar, which is the abode of goddess Kumari. There are other temples like the Taleju temple and others on the premises. There is the touristic Thamel area nearby where you can find many cafes, restaurants, bars, hotels, etc.

World peace pagoda

World peace pagoda on a hilltop in Pokhara is another highlight of this tour. This pagoda is also a great viewpoint to observe the beautiful landscapes of Pokhara. You can arrive here after a short hike from Phewa lake.

Phewa lake

Phewa lake is a beautiful natural landmark of Pokhara. There are various hotels and cafes in and around Phewa lake, also known as Lakeside. There you can go boating and do other water activities. There is also the Tal Barahi temple in the middle of the lake where you can go on a pilgrimage.


Sarangkot is a beautiful viewpoint to observe the snow-clad mountains of the Annapurna region. You can also go on a hike to the place early in the morning so that you can watch the Himalayan sunrise in a clear blue sky. A cable car service has recently opened that takes you to Sarangkot quickly.

Other sightseeing spots in Pokhara

Besides that, there are other sightseeing places in Pokhara as well. You can visit Devi’s fall, chamero gufa, Mahendra gufa in and around the city. These sightseeing places offer you a unique blend of cultural and natural exploration.

The Final Say

Nepal is a perfect destination for all kinds of tours and travel. While trekking is the leading adventure activity in Nepal, you can also go on a lovely, calm, and comfortable tour. Our honeymoon tour in Nepal provides you with a cozy and comfortable adventure in a short amount of time. Travelers will cover all the prominent sightseeing places of Kathmandu and Pokhara. This trip is ideal for taking with your loved one. Contact us for bookings and more information about the trip in detail. Happy traveling!

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Honeymoon Tour in Nepal