Langtang Helicopter Tour

Extending 31.7 miles from the north of the Kathmandu Valley, Langtang is the beautiful countryside in a far corner of the north-central Himalayas. Indeed, it’s gorgeous featuring steep hills, idyllic mountainscapes, lush meadows, and so much more.

The region is known for being a safe haven for Langtang National Park, which accommodates varied species of wildlife. The park contains a wide range of climatic zones from subtropical to alpine, including pine, oak, and maple forests.

Langtang comes with an unbeatable view of snow-capped mountains and green fields, spreading all over the region. To cover all these scenic views, you must take a heli ride. A Langtang Helicopter Tour is one of the best ways to explore the region without any trouble.

The Langtang Helicopter Tour is a unique and thrilling 30-minute flight over the towering cliffs and mountainous terrains. It includes an excursion of Langtang Valley and its diverse landscapes from high above.

The trip skips all the stressful jobs of walking rugged terrains and climbing steep hills. It doesn’t need you to take the long and winding trails that pass through many Tamang villages. This ultimately saves you a lot of time and helps reach the acme a lot faster than expected.

A Langtang Heli flight also offers a great aerial view of the stunning valley and its magnificent landmarks. Peeking out of the window, you can see rushing streams and cascading waterfalls, which is breathtaking.

After landing at Kyanjin, you can find yourself surrounded by towering mountains and green hills. Standing at an elevation of 3,860 meters, travelers can see Kyanjin Ri, the highest point where trekkers can reach.

As the heli will be around at Langtang for up to 30 minutes, visitors can quickly explore the region and do some sightseeing. They can take a few great shots of the gorgeous mountain ridges and ice cliffs.

Langtang doesn’t have a bustling neighborhood, but you can find many small settlements in Langtang. You can see a series of mountain ranges including Ganesh and Jugal Himal from Kyanjin.

As soon as the minutes are up, we’ll have to make you board the flight and take you back to the city. The flight won’t be too long, but it still makes you a lot of memories and keeps you busy watching the wonderful scenery.

Highlights of Langtang Helicopter Tour

  • Panoramic view of Langtang, Ganesh, and Jugal Himal
  • Glimpses of beautiful cedar and rhododendron forests
  • Jaw-dropping view of lush meadows, forested peaks, and charming highlands
  • Beautiful Tamang villages and colorful towns


Phase 01: Transfer to Airport Be up early, wash up, and get dressed as once the staff has arrived at the hotel, they’ll immediately transfer you to the airport. Make sure to bring all the necessary things like a camera, phone and other necessary things. Phase 02: Fly from Kathmandu to Langtang Valley As decided, we’ll leave the airport at 7:00 AM and spend the rest of the time watching the buzzing city of Kathmandu. Of course, you’ll be enjoying its scenic landmarks with lofty hills and old architecture along the way. The heli ride will get better once it gets closer to the Himalayas. You’ll be stunned by the amazing scenes of grassy meadows and pine forests stretching afar. It’ll also offer you a spectacular view of surrounding mountains and steep-sided valleys until the heli lands at the hilltop. Phase 03: Landing at Kyanjin and Explore the Langtang Enjoy the magnificent views that Langtang provides before departing from the region. Look around for the shimmering mountain view of Manaslu Massif, Ganesh, and Jugal Himal. You can see a series of historic towns and remote villages surrounded by high cliffs. Langtang also offers fascinating glimpses of evergreen pine, maple, and deciduous oak forests. If you want, take a stroll through the village and explore the cheese production center but make it quick. Phase 04: Fly back to Kathmandu After enjoying the picturesque view, get on board and we’ll fly you back to Kathmandu. The flight will cover several landmarks and wild landscapes of the region. It will also provide you with the last glimpse of Annapurna massif before the scene fades away. After 15-20 minutes, the helicopter will land in Kathmandu. Our staff will be waiting at the airport to receive you and drive you back to the hotel.

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Langtang Helicopter Tour