Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour

Everest Base Camp Trek is an excellent way to spend time in the Himalayas, but you have to compromise these valuable moments due to lack of time. So, to fulfill your wish of visiting the foothills of Everest, Great Adventure Treks provide you with the Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour.

EBC Heli tour provides the ultimate joy of admiring Mount Everest along with other marvelous peaks from the air. With this trip, you get to cover the renowned 11 Days Everest Base Camp trail within 3 to 4 hours.

With this helicopter tour, enjoy the aerial view of mountains, valleys, landscapes, and hills. Plus, landing above 5000 m altitude will overwhelm you with happiness and excitement.

The 1 Day Everest Base Camp helicopter tour is the fastest way to reach the base of Mount Everest, so do not make any more bargains due to unavailability of time.

Stop making excuses and join Great Adventure Treks for a fantastic Everest Base camp Helicopter tour. Have a great time with us and enjoy the moments!

Highlights of Everest Base Camp Helicopter tour

  • Enjoy the panoramic views of Makalu, Ama Dablam, Lhotse, Nuptse, Pumori, and more.
  • Get a close-up sight of Mount Everest
  • Jaw-dropping aerial view of green hills, Sherpa villages, lush forests, and stunning landscapes.
  • Enjoy breakfast at the world’s tallest hotel, Everest View
  • Reach Everest Base Camp within a few hours


5:30 am to 6:00 am- get ready and wait for the representative

You wake up early, freshen up and get ready before the officials arrive. Pack all the necessary things like a camera, phone, scarf, mitten, etc. After you are ready, wait for the responsible person in the lobby. If you take time to get ready, then set your alarm a bit ahead, but do not be late.

6:00 am to 6:30 am- Pick up from hotel then drive you to the airport

The responsible officials will arrive at 6:00 am sharp at your hotel to pick you up. They will greet you and give you brief information about the helicopter tour. The vehicle will come according to your group size to drive you to the airport. There will be no traffic early in the morning so that the drive will be smooth and relaxing.

6:30 am to 7:00 am- Airport Formalities

Before boarding the helicopter, you must go through airport formalities to check-in. You need to have your ticket and passport to enter the terminal. The completion of the overall procedure might take half an hour for the entire group.

7:00 am to 8:00 am- Fly to Lukla (2860 m) (airtime- 25 to 30 mins)

After formalities, you now board the flight and fly towards Lukla. The view of Kathmandu valley looks satisfying from above; the city is filled with houses and buildings in every nook and corner. As you fly nearer to the Himalayas, the scenarios begin to change from scattered houses to terrace farming, more greenery, colorful forests, etc. The aerial view of the valley below is breathtaking. The view changes to marvelous mountains as it welcomes you when the helicopter gets closer to Lukla. Flying above the Jiri Bazaar, you arrive at Lukla, the gateway to Everest.

8:00 am to 8:15 am- Refueling time

Lukla airport is not your leading destination, so do not get out of the helicopter. It stays here at Tenzing-Hillary airport for about 15 minutes to refuel before flying to your actual destination.

8:15 to 8:45- Fly to Everest Base Camp (5364 m) (45 mins)

After refueling, you continue to fly towards Everest Base Camp. The drastic change in the topography and geography can be seen as you keep flying higher in the elevation. The scenario changes from green hills to rocky mountains. Looking at the scenes, you land at Everest Base Camp.

8:45 am to 9:00 am- explore and take pictures (land time 10 to 15 minutes)

The beautiful mountains surrounding you will take your breath away. Among all, the almighty Everest stands tall and looks mesmerizingly beautiful. You have not acclimatized to reach this height, so you will only stay for 10 to 15 minutes in the base for safety purposes. Enjoy the next few minutes by taking pictures, videos, or both for memory.

9:00 am to 9:30- Breakfast at Everest View Hotel (4000 m) (land time 30 mins)

After a beautiful moment, you now fly to Everest View Hotel, the next major highlight of the Everest Helicopter tour. You have your breakfast while viewing the magnificent mountains like Nuptse, Lhotse, Ama Dablam, and more. It also gives a close-up view of Mount Everest. The superb mountain views add beauty to the food.

9:30 am to 10:00 am- Fly to Kathmandu

After filling your tummy, you now board the helicopter and fly back to Kathmandu. You bid goodbye while seeing the mountains, valleys, and landscape for the final time.
How high do you reach in this 1 Day Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour?

The journey begins from a height of 1400 m in Kathmandu and takes you high up to 5364 m at Everest Base Camp. On the way, you land at Lukla at an altitude of 2860 m, and another land is at Everest view hotel (4000 m).

Can a helicopter fly to the summit of Mount Everest?

The AirBus Euro-copter 350 B3 model landed on Mount Everest during a test flight. However, other than that, all commercial flights only fly as high up to Kala Patthar.

For how long do we land at the Everest Base Camp?

You are traveling without acclimatization, so the landing time is 15 minutes only. You have to explore and take pictures within the mentioned time.

Can we stay for about an hour in the Base Camp?

No, staying for an hour is impossible in the base camp, but 5 minutes can be added with special requests. However, the risk of altitude sickness is high, so it is better to stay as little as possible.

Are the crew trained and experienced?

Yes, our guides and pilots are trained professionals and experts who have decades of experience in the job. They have complete knowledge of local culture, mountains, flora-fauna, and more. The crew members also have proper medical knowledge, so they will help you during emergencies and provide you with care and assurance.

Which helicopter tour is suitable for solo travelers?

If you are traveling alone or as two people, we recommend you join group heli tours as it will cost you less. Usually, you pay for the entire flight in private tours, so it will be expensive to pay USD 4000 to 5000 alone.

Reasons to choose 1 Day EBC Helicopter Tour

You may have doubts about choosing a helicopter tour rather than trekking the trails. Well, there are several benefits of flying, and some are written below:

Avoid crowds during peak seasons.

If you wish to visit Everest Base Camp during the spring and autumn seasons, then be ready to face huge crowds on these trails. Due to over-packed routes, it will be tough to enjoy a quiet time away from them.

But with the Everest Base Camp Helicopter tour, you can quickly leave the mass behind and enjoy a fantastic aerial view. You do not have to wait for the people to leave to take the perfect photos of the scenarios.

Or worry about privacy like meeting trekkers on every nook and turn during the trek. You also do not have to stress finding quality rooms or food points. Thus, choosing the Everest helicopter tour helps you avoid crowds giving you a unique advantage.

The fastest way to reach Everest Base Camp

Another reason to choose the 1 Day EBC Helicopter tour is because it is the fastest way to reach the base camp. Rather than walking for a week and more, you arrive at your destination in a short span.

Helicopter tours are the best option for people who have limited time or are in a hurry. You leave footsteps on the base of Mount Everest and return to Kathmandu or other destinations within a few hours.

With the Everest Heli tour, you do not miss out on any of your daily adventures, as it usually takes place during the mornings. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy your short trip.

Picturesque view

Picturesque views would be the best reason to choose the Everest Helicopter tour. The sight of the majestic mountains, green valleys, and cascading rivers looks breathtaking from above.

Even if you trek high elevations, you can’t get a close view of the Himalayas, which is possible with this helicopter tour. It lets you view the entire Everest region from a different perspective.

You also get to capture some praiseworthy close-up pictures of the grandest mountains from the top. A helicopter can hover near the hills and landmarks, giving you the best view in the house.

Thus, witness and enjoy the aerial view of nature and lofty mountains in this journey.

Avoid strenuous walks

The best thing about the 1 Day Everest heli tour is avoiding strenuous walks in the Himalayas. Also, it is suitable for people from any age group or those having physical disabilities.

By choosing the heli tour, you do not have to walk for hours through rugged and steep slopes. It will be draining and tough to trek up and down, so helicopter service gives you a luxurious benefit.

Memorable Experience

The EBC helicopter tour gives you a memorable experience that will be cherishable for a lifetime. Walking on the Everest trails is fun but flying to the base provides you with a different enjoyment.

The aerial view lets you enjoy the beauty of the Khumbu region and gives you a luxurious and thrilling encounter with nature. You will never regret choosing the Everest Base Helicopter tour with all the beautiful moments.

Best Time for 1 Day Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour

The Everest climate is always aggressive towards living beings, but it is doable every season. Everest Helicopter tours are available 365 days a year, and Spring or Autumn is the best time for this heli tour.

The flights mainly operate during the early morning because heavy winds make it hard to fly during the afternoons. Each season offers different scenarios, and we have mentioned them in detail below:

Everest Base Camp Helicopter flight in autumn

The Autumn season falls during September, October, and November. These are the peak months for EBC helicopter tours because it has the clearest views of them all.

The monsoon rain has washed away all the pollution from nature, thus enhancing its beauty. The valleys and hills look greener than ever, plus the peaks’ visibility looks clearer.

The weather and temperature are also at their best during these months. The days are warm, bright, and sunny offering superb views of your surroundings. However, early mornings are a tad bit chilly in the upper region.

During autumn, the average temperature is about 12 to 18 degrees in the Everest region, but it can drop up to 5 degrees at the base camp. Overall, autumn is the perfect month for Everest helicopter tours with no rain and snow.

Everest Base Camp Helicopter flight in Spring

The Spring season falls during March, April, and May. These are the second-best months for Everest Heli Tour due to the stable climatic weather and temperature. The views of the colorful landscape and glorious mountains look fantastic from your flight window.

The weather is sunny, and the visibility is clear during Spring making it a good time. The average temperature is about 15 to 20 degrees in the Everest region. But mornings are cold in higher elevations, and it ranges up to 10 degrees up there.

However, the beautiful sight under the blue sky mesmerizes you, but there can be a little winter snow in the base camp till mid-march. Overall, the spring season has less rain and windy days, so the climatic conditions are suitable for helicopter tours.

Everest Base Camp Helicopter flight in winter

Winter is a tricky season for trekking, but Everest heli tours are possible at this time. December, January, and February fall in the winter months and are the coldest ones in a year.

The season brings heavy snowfall, blizzards, and avalanches (in some places), causing route blockage. However, you are flying to the base camp, so it will not be a problem for you.

During winter, the aerial view is to die for as the peaks and valleys fully covered with snow add beauty to the tour. But do mind that the lands in upper regions will be blanketed with layers of snow.

The average temperature is about 5 to -10 degrees in the Khumbu region, and it ranges around -6 degrees at the base camp. So, wear layers of warm clothes and protect yourself from the cold.

Heavy snowfall mainly occurs during January, so December and Mid February are suitable for 1 Day Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour. Do not be confused, as flying in winter is achievable.

Everest Base Camp Helicopter flight in Monsoon

Monsoon is the least preferable season for trekking and flying as June, July, and August are the Monsoon months and the wettest time. The climatic condition is unfavorable, but Everest Heli tours operate at this time.

The weather is nice during the first two weeks of June and the last two weeks of August. The skies are clear, views are great, and the temperature ranges up to 13 degrees at this time.

It started to rain from the last week and lasted till the earlier week of August. There was continuous and heavy rainfall in the lower region during this period. However, upper areas have fewer to no rain showers, but the visibility is low or unclear.

The average temperature ranges between 5 to 18 degrees in the Khumbu region. However, during Monsoon, the temperature is about 8 to 11 degrees. So, if you wish to travel during Monsoon, be sure to check the weather forecast beforehand.

How difficult is the Everest Helicopter Tour?

Everest Base Camp helicopter tour is not harsh but an easy journey in the Himalayas. You do not have to walk hours through rugged terrain for several days to complete this journey. Instead, you board the heli and reach the base camp without exhausting movement.

The EBC heli tour is suitable for everybody as there is no age group restricted in the rules. This option was designed for people who find trekking difficult and want an alternative.

There was not much physical or mental pressure during the Everest helicopter tour. You also don’t have to walk up and down or worry about lodging during this trip.

Difficulties Faced in Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour

Everest Base Camp Helicopter is an easy journey, but still, you can face a few difficulties that might make the journey sore, and some of them are:

Cancellation or Delay due to Weather condition

Weather is unpredictable around the Everest region, but helicopter tours are possible in all seasons. However, Monsoon and winter have more unfavorable days than Spring and autumn.

The skies are clear and bright during the daytime in winter, but the weather is foggy in the early mornings. Due to this, many flights get delayed by a few hours or canceled (sometimes).

Similarly, Monsoon is the rain season, so the dark clouds hover above Nepal for most of the month. It is hard to operate flights during bad weather conditions, which causes them to be canceled.

There are chances of the fog clearing in a limited time in winter, but for Monsoon, there will be no guarantee. Once the downpour begins, it can sometimes stay for days and even weeks.

Also, remember the flight shall not take off if the weather condition is unfavorable in Kathmandu but good in Lukla.

Moreover, if the flight gets delayed due to weather, you can get a partial or full refund according to the company policy. So, make sure to study the guidelines before booking the tour.

Altitude Sickness

Altitude sickness is a significant issue in helicopter tours as well. Acute mountain sickness occurs typically because your body cannot adjust to the current environment.

So, acclimatization is done to help your body adjust to the air in higher topography. However, this is a 1 Day Everest Base Camp Helicopter tour, so there is no time for rest days.

You will not slowly climb your way to the top like in a trek. Instead, you will make a fast jump from 1400 m elevation to 5644 m altitude. So, sudden changes in elevation can cause altitude sickness for weak travelers.

Packed flights during peak seasons

Peak seasons have good times, so there is no problem with weather difficulties. However, most flights will be pre-booked; thus, you might not get tickets on the spot.

Everybody wishes to view the beauty of the Everest region during Spring and autumn. The chances of someone canceling their flight are also low, so do not fool around.

The beautiful green valley and colorful forests look beautiful from above. The aerial view takes your breath away and makes you skip a beat. If you are traveling with agencies, then they will book your flights. But if you are touring solo, book in advance or be disappointed with packed flights.

Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour Cost

We customize every package according to the guest’s needs at Great Adventure Treks. We trust in providing quality services at a budget-friendly cost.

The Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour Cost starts from USD 900 but differs depending on whether you join a tour or book an entire helicopter. Each tour gives a different service, so the cost is made according to it.

Private tours are expensive in comparison to group joining. You pay the price of an entire helicopter which is around USD 4000 to 5000 per flight in a private trip.

While in group tours, you break down the cost with other travelers and make the price affordable. The price will range from around USD 990 to 1100 per person.

Types of Helicopter Tour

There are two helicopter touring options you can choose from: Private or Sharing basis. To know more about them, read below:

Private Heli Tour

You won’t be flying in a jet if you book a Private tour; instead, you get more facilities than the group sharing. Private flights are best for people who are traveling with friends or family.

Booking a private helicopter tour is the best option for people who are roaming with their close ones. You can split the cost and enjoy your personal time without outside disturbance.

With a private Heli tour, you can make your itinerary and fly according to your time. You do not have to panic about oversleeping and missing your flight.

Join Group Heli tour

Group Heli tours are an excellent option for solo or two people travelers. In private tours, you book a whole helicopter, so you will pay the price of all seats, which is a large sum for a small team.

Thus, group tours are designed to provide you with a budgeted flight rate. You share a helicopter with other passengers and only pay for your seat. So, if you are a shy person, you might get anxious.

Group flights are scheduled according to the operators, so you can’t choose your flight time. Also, the company will set the flight dates according to seat availability.

So, if you oversleep or are late, you miss the opportunity to do your Everest Helicopter tour.

P.S. The helicopter only has a seating capacity of 5 people each per flight for both options. So, if you are flying private, make sure the group is larger than the capacity number.

How to deal with sudden altitude change?

You will be flying to extreme altitudes without acclimatization, so health risks are high in this journey. Thus, to prevent mishaps from happening, you can use several methods.

First, you do not stay more than 15 minutes at the base of Mount Everest. Next, an emergency medical kit is always available in the helicopter. The cabins are oxygen pumped, but there are no personal oxygen bottles, so bring a small canister with you.

If you feel nausea, headache, or dizziness, immediately inform your companions or crew members.

Other Places to Start Everest Helicopter Tour

Our Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour begins and ends in Kathmandu. But there are other places to start your EBC heli trek, and they are:

Lukla to Everest Base Camp

Lukla is the entrance to the Everest region, and its airport lies at an altitude of 2860 m above sea level. It is fascinating to know that you can start your journey from here.

You can take the routine flight from Kathmandu to Lukla, then fly via helicopter to land at the Everest Base Camp. This method is suitable for trekkers with limited holidays.

Helicopter flight from Lukla to Everest Base Camp saves time and fulfills your dream of catching a close-up glimpse of Mount Everest. From base camp, you either fly back here or to Kathmandu.

Phakding to Everest Base Camp

Helicopter flight from Phakding to Everest Base Camp is the best way for travelers to experience trekking and heli ride at once. Tekkers will walk from Lukla to Phakding, then fly straight to Everest Base Camp.

A helicopter ride saves your valuable time of walking for a week or more on the rugged trails. Also, the distance between Phakding to Lukla is about 2 to 3 hours so that the walks won’t be tiring or exhausting.

Another point for choosing a heli tour would be for those trekkers who could climb to high Namche due to AMS or other problems. People can rest here at Phakding and catch a flight to base camp if they are limited in time. Or they can continue their trek ahead after the recovery.

Namche to Everest Base Camp

Reaching Namche is also a big deal as this beautiful sherpa town lies at an altitude of 3440 m above sea level. Many wish to shorten their trekking duration from here by flying to Everest Base Camp using a helicopter.

Namche to Everest Base Camp heli tour is a perfect choice for explorers who are short on time but have the urge to view Everest at its closest. This helicopter option covers 5 to 6 trekking days within 15 minutes or less.

While flying from Namche Bazaar to EBC, you get to see Khumbu (5761 m), Lhotse (8501 m), and Kapsale (5583 m). The flight also lets you enjoy the view of traditional settlements and green valleys while flying over Khumjung village.

Tengboche to Everest Base Camp

Tengboche is a stunning village at an altitude of 3860 m above sea level. This settlement is home to the Dawa Choling Monastery, the biggest Gompa in the region.

If you desire to trek further but can’t do so due to time limitations, the helicopter service from Tengboche to Base Camp is available. Everest base camp is 10 minutes away from this beautiful village with a heli ride.

The ride covers 2 to 3 days’ worth of walking within a quarter of an hour. Enjoy the flight overlooking Changtse, Lhotse, Ama Dablam, and Mount Everest. Your body is already familiar with the new environment so that you can stay a bit longer in the camp.

Dingboche or Pheriche to Everest Base Camp

You might feel exhausted by the time you reach Dingboche or Pheriche due to several days of walking. So, to make the trip easier and release your fatigue, you can choose to fly to Everest Base Camp from these points.

The EBC heli ride saves your time and breath by landing you at the base camp within 5 to 8 minutes. While on the flight, you only need to relax and enjoy the marvelous view.

Helicopter flight feels like a reward after walking through rough paths for a week and more. View the majestic peaks and capture these moments in photographs.

Pangboche to Everest Base Camp

Pangboche lies at the height of 4000 m, and after walking to such a high elevation, you can reward yourself with a helicopter to the Everest Base Camp. The ride is about 8 to 10 minutes from this beautiful village.

The best thing about the heli ride from Pangboche is the aerial view of the monastery. It also fulfills the wish of people who have just recovered from AMS and desire to see a close view of Mount Everest.

You get to see many stunning views of the landscape, mountains, and valleys while flying above Pangboche.

Lobuche to Everest Base Camp

Everest Base Camp is a 2 to 3 days walk from Lobuche. Sometimes trekkers can’t move further due to health problems, so for situations like this, Lobuche to Everest Camp helicopter ride was made.

You can rest in the village till you recover and then catch the flight to the base and fulfill your dream. Heli ride relieves you from the high altitude walk while enjoying mother nature.

Everest Base Camp Short Trek with Heli return

Everest Base Camp Trek with Heli return is for those enthusiasts that wish to walk to the base camp and return via helicopter. This package is an excellent combination of trekking and heli rides that allows you to save time without missing any adventure.

You will follow the standard EBC trails and walk up and downhill through the rugged terrain. Then instead of following the same route back to Lukla, you return using a helicopter ride to your booked destination.

With this heli return, you complete the journey within a certain period without losing more time.

Things needed for Everest Heli Tour

  • Windproof jacket
  • Down Jacket
  • Trouser
  • Sunhat
  • Woolen hat
  • Scarf
  • Sunglasses
  • UV rays protective sunscreen
  • Lip balm
  • Camera
  • Extra batteries
  • Water bottle

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Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour