Bunjee Jumping in Nepal

Bungee jumping is an adventure sport loved by adrenaline seekers around the world. This extreme activity performed in natural landmarks is quite popular among adventurers. The beautiful gorges between two cliffs are an ideal spot for bungee jumping.

Nepal is a beautiful Himalayan nation with immense potential for bungee jumping activities. However, the sport has only been introduced in the country recently. Even though it has arrived late in the country, bungee jumping has garnered massive popularity, especially among the youths.

While there are only a handful of bungee jumping sites, they are pretty impressive. These thrilling adventures also offer you a stunning vista of the natural landscapes. There are three major bungee jumping sites in various parts of the country.

Among them, the Last resort in the serene Bhote Koshi river is widely considered one of the best in the world. It has gained quite a wide following over the years, with rave reviews from travelers all around. There are various bungee options and packages with side adventures.

Besides that, there are other bungee jumping sites in Kushma and Pokhara. The Kushma bungee jumping site is the second-highest bungee, with a height of 228m, making it a prime attraction. It is also the first natural canon jumping site in the world.

The crew members running this sport generally have many years of experience. Hence, you can jump through these beautiful terrains freely without any hassle. Therefore, you can focus on experiencing nature and the beautiful sights of the region.

Bungee cords used come from high-quality rubber, and the size depends upon the jumper’s weight. They have proper harnesses, either the ankle one or the full-body one. Moreover, an instructor will train you with the necessary steps before, during, and after the jump. You will also know about the steps to perform in case of any emergency.

One thing to consider is if you have any illness or health conditions. People with illnesses like heart disease, epilepsy, high blood pressure, orthopedic problems, neurological problems, etc., should not partake in bungee. You will undergo a proper medical checkup by the team at the bungee jumping site. Hence, you should mention all your pre-existing conditions in advance.

You can look through all these bungee jumping options and select the one according to your preference. We will manage these bungee jumping packages for you. All the bungee jumping activities below are of excellent quality and provide a memorable experience.

Kusma Bungee Jumping

Kushma Bungee Jump is a recently opened bungee jumping site in the Kushma Municipality of Parbat district of Nepal. It is the highest bungee jumping site in the country and the second-highest worldwide. With a height of 228 Meters, this incredible bungee jumping site is exciting for adventurers around the globe.

You will jump from the bridge that connects Baglung and the Parvat district. The 520-meter suspension bridge above the Kaligandaki River is the highest and longest in the country. Another advantage of taking this bungee is that it is only 60 km from Pokhara. It takes around 2 hours to arrive at this site from the city.

The scenic drive through narrow hillside roads is another highlight of this journey. The bungee jump or a swing jump are the two options you can take here. You can get photos and videos of the jump along at an additional cost.

The Last Resort Bungee Jumping

The Last Resort located in the Bhote Koshi River is the first bungee site in Nepal. There is a chance for adventurers to jump 160m from the bridge above the serene Bhote Koshi river. The location is closer to the border of China, just 12 km from Tibet.

After traveling for three hours on a bus or private vehicle from Kathmandu, you can arrive at the location. The prime jumping destination is generally considered one of the best bungee sites globally. Consultants from New Zealand with prior experience in this sector designed this bungee.

The entire process gets handled safely based on multi-level safety protocols with highly professional experts. The famous Friendship Bridge is a 166m wide steel suspension bridge based on a Swiss design (4x safety). There is a loading factor of 250kg per running meter, and it can carry 4.5 tons of weight.

This extended suspension bridge connects two valleys. The longest free fall in the bliss of mother nature makes it a dream destination for adventurers. You have the various tandem swing and canyon swing options in this bungee.

Additional packages offered in the last resort allow you to stay overnight and explore the place. You can even go rafting in the Bhote Koshi river. Overall, you will get an incredible adrenaline-pumping experience in this bungee jumping at the Last Resort.

Pokhara Bungee Jumping

Pokhara jumping is another ideal bungee jumping site in the country. This outstanding tower bungee jumping offers you an astonishing 70m vertical drop. The tower you will jump from is adjacent to the 50m cliff in Hemja.

The extensive freefall for 5 seconds is quite impressive. This bungee jumping site lies near the center of Pokhara, just 20 minutes from Lakeside. The spectacular views of the Himalayas add to the beauty of the place.

The crew operating this activity have high professional training. There are international safety standards followed using high-quality gear and equipment. There are various options, including a tandem swing in this tower bungee jump.

Hence, these are the different bungee jumping sites in Nepal. You can choose any one of them for your adventures.

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Bunjee Jumping in Nepal